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Orchestral + Theatrical Production

2018-2019: Collaborated on programming and exhibition around the Old Globe’s presentation of “They Promised Her The Moon.”

2016: Curated exhibition in the entrance area of Balboa Park’s Old Globe Theatre for the space –themed musical “October Sky.”  The exhibition showcased images of San Diego’s contribution to pioneering space exploration, plus a model of the very first satellite.

2015 and 2018: Partnership with Classics 4 Kids music education group. Created content and guest-narrated a series of four musical shows with a live orchestra at San Diego’s Balboa Theater, on astronomy, spaceflight, and aviation themes, reaching 5000 audience members in 2015, 4000 in 2018.

2015: Collaboration with the La Jolla Playhouse on educational materials and staging the play “The Astronaut Farmworker,” based on the life of astronaut José Hernández of California.

2010: Hosted Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, in collaboration with the La Jolla Music Society, for a space-themed classical music conference attended by local students.

2005: As the onstage narrator, presenting astronomy concepts to 11,000 school students with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra as part of their “Musical Journey Into Space” concert series at the Symphony Hall.

1990: Lighting Director, Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, production of Philip Osment's "This Island's Mine."